ACTIVATED CARBON FILTERS Used in removing pollutants particles from air and particles of bad odors from the surrounding area.

ADSORPTION Accumulates all the solute particles on the surface of a solid filters.

AEROSOL - These are fine microscopic suspended particles of liquid or gaseous in air. For example, natural aerosol are fog, smog, mist and dust particles; anthropogenic aerosols are smoke and pollutants haze.

AHU AIR HANDLING UNIT is a machine/device which is used to provide fresh air through a filter system which is fitted inside it.

AIR CHANGE RATE It is a measure of room air volume number of times per hour. Good design HEPA system have five times air change rate per hour. Can be calculated by measuring air volume and dividing it by volume of the area .

AIR CLEANER Air cleaner are used to remove fine airborne particles or chemical toxin particulate from the air which can cause infection when inhaled by the body. It is fitted with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) system filter. Mainly used in industrial area 2000 and 3000 modals are of these type air cleaner.

AIR FILTERS - Used to remove fine suspended particles from the air ,when air is moved through these air filters.

This is a volume of air moving from filters per hour.

AIR IMAGE These are real images of air particles by computer software, to show performance of air cleaners .

AIR PURIFIER Air purifiers are mainly used to remove odors and noxious gases from the atmosphere by using molecular filtration system to increase the freshness of the air. Mostly used in office, factories and in living spaces. 300 and 200 modals are of these types.

AIR QUALITY INDEX This is an index on routinely basis to measure the concentration limit of each particulate. Like 2.5 pm is considered to be combustion particulates of dioxide gases of SO2, NO2 AND ozone. Clean air act and WHO provide information basis on this air quality index to public health.

AIR VOLUME FLOW RATE - It is calculated in meter cubic per hour in air purifiers. In olden days, it was used to calculate in CFM cubic feet per minute in U.S.A.

AIR BORNE PARTICLES Airborne particles matter range from 0.3 to 100 microns which , is much smaller than average diameter of human hair. Usually 50 micron particle easily pass from the ordinary
filters back to the air. Air borne particles include smoke, smog, haze, soot, pollen and dust .

ALLERGEN These are the airborne contaminants which causes allergy to persons. Allergen produces severe reaction on the skin when inhaled or come in contact with skin . Allergen can be pollen, animal hair, bed mites and dust particles. Anti- histamine is the medical drug used against allergen.

ALLERGY - This is due to certain substance like pollen, food and microorganism. Person becomes highly sensitive to these substances. Symptom include sneezing, coughing and red rashes on skin.

ARRESTANCE - Have a ability to remove standard air particles from air purifiers by using different operating chooses. It is measured in weight %.

ASHARE Is an American society of engineers who give information on setting up of clean air plant .

ASHARE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers communicate ,guides for standard efficiency rate of clean air.

ASTHMA This is a respiratory problems in lungs caused by allergens, which can also lead to causes like irritation, skin problems and breathing problems too. More common in young child and older people.

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